Casey, Adapt by Annie Murphy-Robinson

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Annie Murphy-Robinson

Casey, Adapt


106.68 x 73.66 cm | 42 x 29 in

Charcoal on paper

  • William Bouguereau Award ($3,000 Cash Award)


Adaption is about survival, the secret to life. Ancient, sacred lore is filled with stories of the coyote as a magical trickster. Tricksters can tap into the animal deep inside and become whatever the situation needs. Casey, an adolescent girl, inherently lives in that magical space between youth and adulthood, between play and responsibility, between enchantment and reality. The yielding fur of the coyote molds to her frame. She seems convinced that she is able to control it, command it, that she can dominate. The image questions, is it a trick? In this magic space of adolescence she is torn between the irresistible draw of youth and the magnetic pull of adulthood and with it, the promise of freedom. Always looming, the trickster coyote waits to find out who has been tricked this time?