Amaranthine Continuance by Ron Hicks

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Ron Hicks

Amaranthine Continuance


199.39 x 136.53 x [*] cm | 78 1/2 x 53 3/4 in

oil on birch

  • Haynes Galleries Award

"Amaranthine Continuance" is a part of a series of works that has recently consumed most, if not all of my creative attention. I have quietly followed this this path of exploration in the confines of my studio for the past 12 years, never sharing the work publicly.  I've come to the conclusion that many of the art forms have similar attributes. My goal is to find harmony between representational and abstract worlds using many of the visual elements such as shape, value, color, etc.  I consider myself an artist that initiates dialog, keeping my paintings open ended, allowing those that experience the work to draw there own conclusions. This makes the interaction with the work their own intimate experience.  In this particular work one might say the two could be sisters or friends.  Who knows? Does it matter?