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Dirk Freder


Dirk Freder is an artist from germany painting in a realistic style with the main focus on wildlife based topics. He is a self-taught artist though he has a professional background in
computer illustration and design as well as in photography. All photographic references he uses for his artworks are taken by himself. The impressions of animals collected on
journeys around the world together with some studies from wildlife parks are then put together to create paintings with the goal to achieve lifelike results more appealing than what
could be captured by camera alone. He experiments with different techniques and materials to find the best way to illustrate the detailed textures and rich colours of nature. He paints
in pastels, oil, acrylics and coloured pencils on various surfaces and sometimes combines them for the best results.

He was accepted as a member of the International Guild Of Realism in 2019.
His painting "Night Hunter" has won a honorable mention award at the 14th pastel 100 competition of the pastel journal and been a finalist at the 12th international arc salon
competition of the art renewal center.
His work has been shown on animal art exhibitions at the Rudi Fred Linke gallery in Münster in 2014 and at the H6 gallery in Hilden in 2018.

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