Bewicchen by Annie Robinson

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Annie Robinson



160.02 x 106.68 cm | 63 x 42 in

Sanded charcoal on paper

  • Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. Award

Exhibited at the MEAM

“In this drawing of my daughter. I wanted to represent a relationship of submissiveness and control. The figure is easily keeping the Bison where she needs him to be, as he bows to her will. I wanted to also include the viewer in this piece as an active participant, meeting the gaze of the woman and feeling the power that she possesses, as if they just interrupted a “discipline” moment between the two. The richness of her black velvet dress alludes to the renaissance era, yet her bleached blonde hair says otherwise. The walls are decorated with her actual drawings that she did over the years, the reference photo was taken in my garage/studio.” – Annie Murphy-Robinson