Things Not Seen by Ruth Fitton

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Ruth Fitton

Things Not Seen


60.96 × 40.64 cm | 24 × 16 in

Oil on linen

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“This piece was painted during the weeks of lockdown in Spring 2020. While in isolation, I found myself thinking about solitude, and groups, and crowds, and how they compare. The way we act when alone; the way our behaviour changes when we are with others, whether friends or strangers. The way people interact or fail to interact; how easy it is to fall into categories and roles without thinking.

With these ideas in mind, I painted ‘Things Not Seen’. The apparent closeness of proximity is contradicted by the independent characterisations of each figure; the unrelated tone of each gaze suggests that isolation exists even in a crowd.” – Ruth Fitton