Casey "After the Dance" by Annie Robinson

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Annie Robinson

Casey "After the Dance"


152.4 x 106.68 cm | 60 x 42 in

Sanded charcoal on paper

  • Second Place ($1,000 Cash Award) / Drawing

“This drawing is about both the plight of the female in history and the moments of reality when we are being truthful or genuine. This is named After the Dance to represent a stolen moment of time in this imagined person's life. After the eyes have turned away to other entertainment, the performer (here it is Casey, my daughter) has a moment to rub her feet and take off her smile.

“I draw my daughters as “stand-ins” for women through-out history, marking different growth periods of their lives. They have also been stand-ins for myself and true portraits. I use clothing and props that lead the viewer without telling them what to see. Usually, I prefer to give space for the viewer to use their own interpretation. In this piece I have created a narrative thread, after the dance, to introduce the story.” – Annie Murphy-Robinson