Jeff Kern

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Jeff Kern

United States

Jeff Kern

I was born and raised in Hampden, Mass. went to UMass, Amherst and got a 

BFA. Having a degree but never having been taught how to paint realistically,

I committed to a lifelong mission of learning how to draw properly, how to

understand color, and how to paint in oil. My intention as a painter is to rep-

resent my subject with naturalness and a fidelity to appearances. My tech-

nique involves layering, approaching shapes and forms loosely over a thin

brown underpainting, then a layer of small intricate marks. My natural scenes 

are my means of sharing my love of the beauty of nature. My still-lifes fulfill

 my continuing fascination of careful observation and it's results.


I'm represented by MichelsonGallery in Northampton, Mass.

I teach at the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield, Mass. and pri-


I was active in the Copley Society in Boston, Mass. in the 90's and won a

Sagendorph award.

I demonstrated art supplies for Canson products for a few years.


I live in Ludlow, Mass. with my partner Linda and our dog Pickles. We have 

a beautiful studio in the back yard where I can be productive.


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