Catching the Light by Stephen Jesic

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Stephen Jesic

Catching the Light


55 x 70.2 cm | 21 1/2 x 27 1/2 in

Acrylic on Baltic birch

  • Honorable Mention / Animals

I have always wanted to paint this beautiful bird but never had the setting which would do the owl justice. I finally found an old farm shed and took hundreds of photos so I had enough choice of settings and combinations of farm memorabilia to design the painting, I wanted to make the owl the centre of attention so I kept the backdrop subdued, not too busy, but just enough detail to keep the viewers interest. I had taken so many reference photos of this bird; finally selecting a magical pose showing the softness of feathers, their light grey colouring with blotches of rich buff, covered with tiny tear shaped markings. These were very time consuming to paint but I also discovered a complex interplay of varying neutral grey tints within these patterns giving a subtle vibrancy. So rewarding to paint.