Bouguereau Award

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Jon Bøe Paulsen

Son of Mary and Joseph


115 x 95 cm | 45 1/4 x 37 1/4 in

Oil on canvas

  • William Bouguereau Award ($3,000 Cash Award)

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"Jesus Christ, son of Mary and Joseph, the man from Nazareth who was first whipped and then crucified to death over 2000 years ago because he stood for something that his contemporaries perceived of as threatening. History repeats itself and the list is long even though those who suffered a similar fate were not exalted. They were human. I am not a religious person and think this has been important in my approach, because I primarily wanted to paint a historical picture. I wanted to portray this man as first and foremost a descendant of ordinary people. Does such a portrait make him any less of an important figure from the past? Is he not more like one of us?"