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As the ARC Salon™ has grown to 11 categories and the live exhibition, we have decided to take on Category Sponsors to help fund our expanding competition. We thank them for their dedication to fine art and their generous donations, to help the vision of an international exhibition and our multi-genre competition to inspire, promote, and defend the advancement of the Representational Art Movement in the 21st century.

If you are interested in sponsoring an ARC Salon™ Category, please write to Kara Ross at kara.ross@artrenewal.org

Fully From Life Category

The Florence Academy of Art

Sponsored by The Florence Academy of Art

The Florence Academy of Art, one of the Art Renewal Center's first approved schools, has been advancing the training and techniques of classical painting and sculpture for almost 30 years. It has formed many skillful artists who are important members of the Realist Art movement of the 21st century. The Florence Academy recognizes the importance of the ARC Salon as an international showcase for classically trained artists through its online and live exhibitions. Through its sponsorship of the “Fully from Life" Category, the Florence Academy hopes to help ARC continue to cultivate the global audience of students, artists and patrons. Students who apply to The Florence Academy of Art seek the language used byRembrandt, Velasquez, Titian, and the tools to convey their ideas with confidence through the oil or clay mediums. A common visual aesthetic draws them to the classical world (and its renaissance in Florence) to build an artistic vocabulary where beauty and humanity are intrinsic to art. To accomplish this, the Florence Academy’s methodology combines intense observation with advanced craft skills. The Florence Academy of Art is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) as an undergraduate certificate program.

Figurative Category

Realism Today and Realism Live

Sponsored by Realism Today and Realism Live

Realism Today is a newsletter focused on the worldwide realism movement, which is heavily promoted by Realism Live; its parent company, Streamline Publishing, Inc.; and Streamline magazine Fine Art Connoisseur, including stories on academically trained artists as well as more impressionistic realists. Our goal is to highlight the movement and its artists and to offer encouragement, ideas, and inspiration. You can find us on Instagram at RealismToday or sign up for the free newsletter at RealismToday.com/newsletter.

Realism Live is the world's first online conference dedicated to training artists in figure and portrait painting, as well as a wide range of realistic subjects like still life and landscape. This conference was launched after the COVID-related cancellation of the Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE) and continues offering 4 days of online instruction (including a Beginner’s Day) from over 30 of the top realists in the world. Held online November 9-12, 2022 with a worldwide audience. Learn more at RealismLive.com.

Drawing Category

Princeton Academy of Art

Sponsored by Princeton Academy of Art

Princeton Academy of Art is located in the heart of Princeton, NJ. Our institution presents a unique educational experience in the European Classical tradition through merging the methods of classical atelier education and the Russian academic approach. Following in these traditions, instruction is a focused immersion into human anatomy, perspective, and tactile approaches to analyzing form. By rigorously studying these methods alongside concrete principles of value, color and composition, students are able to traverse various media and techniques to interpret the world around them in a way that suits their temperament and vision.

Our guiding principle is a belief that the study of visual art is a practice of communication and support. In the face of the infinite number of pitfalls and discoveries that artists will encounter in their careers, this foundation ensures that they will learn to create connections with not only their peers but the broader artistic community. Our instructors are exhibiting artists who configure each class to enhance and encourage the artistic growth of our students. They are not only instructors, but mentors and professional connections as well.

Our institution aims to bring philosophical, aesthetic, and technical research back into the contemporary artists practice. Through connections with philosophers, poets, art historians and scientists, we are continuing the humanist dialog that was born during the age of the Renaissance and faded during the 20th century due to fragmentation between disciplines of higher education.

To learn more or to register today, please contact us directly at info@princetonacademyofart.com

Plein Air Category

PleinAir Magazine, Plein Air Convention & Expo, and PleinAir Live

Sponsored by PleinAir Magazine, Plein Air Convention & Expo, and PleinAir Live

PleinAir Magazine, from Streamline Publishing, Inc., is for artists and collectors who follow or participate in the exciting outdoor painting movement. America's number one-selling representational art magazine nationwide (source: Barnes & Noble Newsstands) focuses on the highest-quality artists who do studio and outdoor landscape, figure in landscape, architectural, floral, and other paintings. To learn more, sign up for our free daily newsletter, PleinAir Today, at OutdoorPainter.com/pat. Subscribe to PleinAir Magazine at PleinAirMagazine.com.

PleinAir Live is an online virtual training event that takes place over 4 days annually. After it began as a COVID-era replacement for the Plein Air Convention & Expo, we discovered that the online format works better for hundreds of people who cannot travel to conventions for various reasons. Each event features a Beginner's Day for those interested in learning about the plein air lifestyle, about painting outdoors (which has a lot of special nuances), and about using various mediums like oil, watercolor, pastel, gouache, and acrylic paint. Beginner's Day is followed by three content-packed days with demonstrations from some of the top artists in the world, including U.S.-based and international artists. At the end of each day the group paints together online during a cocktail party event. Artists attending have indicated high growth from the concentrated learning and the ability to access the program on their own time with replays. You can learn more at PleinAirLive.com.

The Plein Air Convention & Expo is a history-making event where over a thousand plein air painters gather annually to improve their skills, connect with old and new friends, and become a part of the worldwide plein air movement. The convention offers multiple stages of instruction from over 80 of the world's top expert painters instructing in oil, watercolor, pastel, and other mediums. The group paints together each day. A beginners' course is offered before the convention. This year's event will be held May 21–25, 2023 in Colorado. Learn more at PleinAirConvention.com.

Imaginative Realism Category

LCAD's Drawing + Painting

Sponsored by LCAD's Drawing + Painting

LCAD's Fine Arts department provides entering students an immersive curriculum that offers a robust learning experience in representational drawing, painting and sculpture with an emphasis placed on academic figuration that serves as a jumping off point. Alongside the building of skills, our courses encourage experimentation with materials and exploration of individual ideas and motivations to broaden student's visual language, culminating in the development of a body of work that is authentic to each artist.

Students entering senior year are provided a private studio space to work for the entirety of their final year, where they are mentored individually and engage in critical discourse with their peers and distinguished guests.

LCAD's Drawing + Painting alumni have been accepted to competitive graduate programs, excel in the gallery market, earn private and public commissions, are arts educators, and work in museum and curatorial roles.

To learn more about LCAD Drawing + Painting, visit https://www.lcad.edu/drawing-painting/program/program-overview

Portraiture Category

Academy of Realist Art Boston

Sponsored by Academy of Realist Art Boston

The Academy of Realist Art, Boston was established in the historic leather district of Boston in 2009 by Cindy MacMillan. We have grown into a cozy medium-sized academy that prides itself on providing a nurturing environment with enthusiastic instructors that care about their students while demanding the highest standards of performance from them.

We implement a curriculum that has been modeled after 19th century French Academies with refinements that reflect the modern world. Our instructors have studio space in the school and welcome having an open discourse about their own art and work experiences as a complement to their class instruction. We also offer numerous high quality workshops with in-house and outside instructors that we admire.

ARA Boston students and instructors have received scholarships from ARC and been acknowledged with numerous awards in previous ARC Salon competitions. We understand how important this is in the development of an artist. That's why we have chosen to sponsor the portraiture awards this year as in years past. We wish all competitors the best of luck.

To learn more about The Academy of Realist Art, Boston visit www.ARABoston.com

Landscape Category


Sponsored by FASO / BoldBrush

FASO is the world’s leading artist website builder and marketing platform designed specifically for fine artists. FASO powers the websites for many of the most renowned living artists, and helps streamline many important art marketing tasks to help you sell more art online.

Together with our sister company BoldBrush, we are dedicated to helping fine artists learn, grow, and succeed in a career in art. With 100,000 members in over 50 countries, BoldBrush offers learning opportunities, promotional channels, marketing tools, and a tight-knit community of supportive fellow artists to help you progress no matter what stage you are in, in your artistic journey.

BoldBrush also offers free monthly juried online art competitions through the BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit, online instructional art videos through BoldBrush Video, free art marketing instructional content through FineArtViews newsletter, and advertising to a worldwide audience of collectors and fellow artists through BoldBrush Ads.

For more information, please visit us at https://faso.com

Teens Category


Sponsored by PoetsArtists

PoetsArtists is an online platform uniting artists, authors, art collectors, galleries and other art affiliated members. Their mission is to ignite creativity and connect an already strong community with further artistic and literary opportunities.

Still Life and Animals Categories

Sponsored by International Artist

International Artist Publishing is the proud publisher of five major art magazines that are each devoted to connecting artists and collectors within the American art market and beyond. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, IAP has published monthly magazines since 2005, and has slowly expanded its coverage to include new and exciting genres that have thrilled readers and collectors. The five titles are: American Art Collector, devoted to contemporary American realism; American Fine Art Magazine, which highlights historic American fine art; Western Art Collector, which explores artwork related to the American West; Native American Art magazine, the only magazine devoted to both historic and contemporary artwork exclusively by Native American artists; and International Artist, a magazine devoted to artists, featuring art demos by top artists from around the world. In addition to these five titles, IAP also offers art insight with The American Art Collective podcast, which airs new episodes every Tuesday.

IAP is proud to be an affiliate with the Art Renewal Center, and to celebrate that partnership we are offering $10 off any of the titles by visiting the websites and using the promo code ARCSAVE10

To learn more visit www.internationalartist.com