The Surrender by Julia Poncavage

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Julia Poncavage

The Surrender


43.18 x 26.67 cm | 17 x 10 1/2 in

Charcoal on paper

  • Honorable Mention / Teens Category

Taught by: Crystal Lovett

Studied at: Crestwood High School

Created by the student at 18 years old

The making of art is a sacred thing. In my practice I find that the more I give to the act of creation, the more I feel that what results at the end is not really mine. It may catch a glimpse of something which I am not in control of- and cannot express any other way. I know I have done my job when I can sense something beautiful, honest, or even holy through the spirit of a work. For me, achieving this involves surrender to something greater than myself and the peace that accompanies it. I find this peace through the Holy Spirit who shelters and guides me- represented by the dove. Through no good grace of my own, I hope that my art, for as long as I am able to make it, will help others find their own peace, knowing they are heavenly protected.