A Rest by Sylvia Stratieva

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Sylvia Stratieva

A Rest


73 x 60 cm | 28 1/2 x 23 1/2 in

Oil on canvas

  • Second Place ($1,000 Cash Award) / Figurative

This work is available for purchase, for inquiries please write to kara.ross@artrenewal.org

A Rest is a portrait of an elderly woman. She tiredly sits at the end of the stone fence at the park and approaches the passers-by with sadness and uneasiness, asking for help for the treatment of her son. She is not a beggar, just a person at an impasse. I was impressed by the interesting angle at which the light fell onto her face. It slid on her worn bag and clothes. It is as if she does not feel the heat and the sun. I asked the woman if I could sketch her, took a couple of photos, and donated some money for her son's treatment. It turned out that his state was hopeless.

The creation of this painting burdened me emotionally, but it was another touch in my pursuit of states including resignation, frustration, and pain.