Advent by Robert Barber

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Robert Barber



182.88 x 147.32 cm | 72 x 58 in

Oil on linen

  • Honorable Mention / Figurative

The inspiration for this painting comes from my faith, and the desire to portray a moment of prayer.  The moment portrayed is occurring during Advent, which is the season in the Christian calendar that precedes Christmas. It is about the seeking, and the finding. I chose twilight as the time of day, because of how much December is like the twilight of the year.  The setting is a “first snow,” and one of the features of those occasions is the still upright posture of the meadow’s plants.  I enjoy this way that nature carries along its memories of summer even into the beginning of winter.  The space is half land and half water because the subject has brought us to the borders between knowledge, understanding, and mystery.  But here we can sense the aliveness of the world, and how in some ways, that aliveness is almost amplified by the temporary stillness and quiet.
This piece also carries a companion prayer, that everyone’s evening walks and meditations will bring them peace.