Venice Symphony 2021 by Chung-Wei Chien

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Chung-Wei Chien

Venice Symphony 2021


75 x 55 cm | 29 1/2 x 21 1/2 in

Watercolor on paper

  • American Fine Art Magazine Award
  • MEAM Purchase Award
  • Best Watercolor ($250 Cash Award)
  • Sheng Xinyu Art Award

The deciding factors in my mind while painting, are not the scenery coming and going in front of my eyes, but the critical elements of a well-composed painting such as tempo, variation, rhythm, balance, coordination, etc. The composition and structure are the decisive factors of the completion of a picture. As long as you perfect the composition and structure, the painting is completed. Know what you want, figure out the sequence and direction, and concentrate on doing it and acknowledge every trace and value left by your every movement. This is watercolor as well as life.