Sanctuary by Gail Wegodsky

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Gail Wegodsky



76.2 x 101.6 cm | 30 x 40 in

Oil on linen

  • Chairman's Choice Awards ($300 Cash Award)

This work is available for purchase, for inquiries please write to

I came across pictures of this spectacular Paris library on the internet, the ceiling and its skylights are what arrested me.  I had to employ it as a painting subject; it is 300 years old, The Richelieu site of the National Library of France.  The library is finishing up a 10 year renovation this year, 2022.  The fusing of so many photos to create one big, visually believable view of those domes nearly sent me to the nut house!  I purchased a big ellipse template set on Ebay to help create the gigantic room viewed from one single vantage point, to draw together the angles into one believable whole.  I must have been drawing and redrawing a month to get all the ceiling parts to visually meld.  I hope my mental health has not been affected too dramatically, think I developed PTSD Richelieu Ceiling and now need MDMA-assisted therapy!