Small Garden by seunghyun Lee

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seunghyun Lee

Small Garden


64.8 x 116.8 cm | 25 1/2 x 45 3/4 in

Oil on canvas

  • Sheng Xinyu Art Award

When traveling, I gravitate towards unassuming places rather than famous attractions. Neither as grandiose or dazzling, but what draws me to these places is that they have kept their place in an unpretentious manner. The painting is of a place I came upon while traveling through Rome. Despite the plethora of historically significant buildings, I was captivated by this seemingly commonplace view. Modestly decorated, this space is a wall not far from the Colosseum.
The various flowerpots create a certain harmony. Flower petals and small leaves comes to life on the canvas through small tight brush strokes. Varying brush strokes in texture depict the extensive time the wall has withstood. The muted color of the wall accentuates the verdure of the plants. The dated wall made by the people of the past encompassing the small garden created by the people at present brings vitality to the historical whilst ordinary setting.