Internal Potential by Agnieszka Kotarska

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Agnieszka Kotarska

Internal Potential


55.88 x 38.1 cm | 22 x 15 in

Charcoal and graphite on paper hatching technique

  • FWSD 2023 Award

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The system, the society and traditions exert a powerful influence on us from the day we are born. We are indoctrinated to obey guidelines and systematically reject new ideas to avoid thinking for ourselves, thus we fall in the matrix just like everyone else. Fear plays an important role in mental slavery, for the more fear and insecurity we have, the more we need to be protected by the state and the institutions. The less confidence we have in ourselves, the more power we will give away, the more we are influenced the weaker and easier it will be for us to get dominated and manipulated.

We must believe in our internal potential. We must connect with our inner strength, take control of our existence to find the path to freedom. The key to change is to free yourself from the fear that paralyzes you which often won't let you move forward in life because you are enchained and already sentenced to life in the prison of mental slavery. To sum up if we want to free ourselves from "modern slavery" we must become aware that the only freedom is within us.

If you want the system to change, start by changing your lifestyle.  If you value your time then you value freedom so fight for it and become the Master of your life. If you really want to conquer your freedom, start by conquering yourself. Invest in yourself and find a path that really excites you.

I have used many layers of hatching technique achieving the different textures creating a great contrast, the play of light and shadow to convey the dramatic atmosphere.