Cape Royal Morning by Brenda Howell

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Brenda Howell

Cape Royal Morning


60.96 x 91.44 cm | 24 x 36 in

Oil on Canvas

  • ARC Staff Awards

Early morning light shines on the end of Walhalla Plateau at Cape Royal and enhances a feeling of the relationships in the Grand Canyon between the north and south rims and interior geological feature of Wotons Throne. The colors are influenced by the varied qualities of light coming from the low position of the sun and the atmosphere and clouds.
The deep symbolism of the wind carved Pinyon Pine on the edge of the plateau speaks to me of incredible strength and struggle to survive in such harsh conditions and just plain beauty of form.
I have been awed and inspired by this most magnificent landscape for fifty years and continue to learn about it with each effort to describe some aspect of it in a painting.