Evasive Species by Dan Chudzinski

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Dan Chudzinski

Evasive Species


203.2 x 101.6 x 83.82 cm | 80 x 40 x 33 in

Silicone, steel, resin, punched hair, mixed media

  • Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. Award

As the natural world struggles to endure the ever-expanding footprint of humanity, the Sasquatch represents nature's feral defiance of civilization. The embodiment of the elusive and the untamed, Evasive Species transports the legendary creature from folklore to fruition, directly confronting the viewer in hyper realistic detail. 

I chose to depict a mature male Sasquatch, or "Silverback," in the moment that he has scented a human on the trail. His nostrils flare and his jugular distends, suggesting a sudden surge of adrenaline. The subject reveals his teeth, a sign of fear amongst most primates, as he decides whether to flee or fight. The hairs utilized were a combination of moose, caribou, bison, and human, each punched individually, over the course of 117 hours.