Lilies After a Storm by Jeffrey Vaughn

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Jeffrey Vaughn

Lilies After a Storm


60.96 x 60.96 cm | 24 x 24 in

Oil on canvas

  • FWSD 2023 Award

This work is on loan from a private collection.

Lilies After a Storm was inspired by an image of a lily pond the morning after a windstorm in early fall. The sturdy lilies flowered in the early morning sunlight, and brilliantly displayed their warm pink colors. The lily pads were tossed about and partially submerged. The composition included the flowers and the plant roots that were visible near the surface of the water. The surface plane of the water and the three dimensional quality of the emergent lily were the attraction for making this painting in the studio. The oil on canvas colors were often blended directly on to the surface of the painting.