Carnations With Cherub by John McCartin

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John McCartin

Carnations With Cherub


50 x 75 cm | 19 1/2 x 29 1/2 in

Oil on Belgian linen

  • Dual Category Awards

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Painted from life, this is a complex arrangement of objects (glassware, books, etc.) from my studio collection. I added some fruit and carnations which I bought from a local fruit and veggie market.

The book on the left is Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis, while the one on the right is Nicholai Fechin, The Art and the Life. Both were chosen because of their colour interest and opened at suitable places in order to enhance and harmonise with the rest of the painting. 

The aim was to keep the viewer's eye moving from one point of interest to the next. Consideration was given to eye-path, subordination of points of interest, colour harmony, edges, etc.

A visual smorgasbord of objects of vastly different surface textures, colours, sizes and shapes.   -  John McCartin