High Bar by Sara Gallagher

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Sara Gallagher

High Bar


53.34 x 53.34 cm | 21 x 21 in

Graphite and PanPastel on paper

  • Dual Category Awards
  • Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine Award

This work is on loan from a private collection.

Ambition is a terrific force. Acknowledging a goal and doing all that you can to achieve it is an admirable quality that often brings about many wonderful things in life. Though, do we take enough time to sit back and bask in our hard work and achievements before charging on to the next thing? Ambition versus personal expectation to be “great” can often be misconstrued for one another. Holding a high bar for oneself can create an illusion that anything below that bar is inadequate, or not fully formed. If the bar is constantly rising, when do we get to celebrate our accomplishments and relax into who we are today? This tension is carried around quietly by many.

How do you manage your personal expectations of yourself?