Gold Embrace by Melissa Breault

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Melissa Breault

Gold Embrace


78.74 x 58.42 cm | 31 x 23 in

Soft pastel

  • International Artist Award

This piece was inspired by a man who loves nature. David grew up on a farm. Here, he almost seems like he is growing out of the earth, just like the lush vegetation surrounding him. There is something so beautiful about seeing someone feeling content in a place they love. There is something very personal about painting someone in their own environment, one that represents them well. This painting's story is rooted in love. It's about growing, flourishing along with your natural surroundings, well grounded, and wrapped in the warmth of a golden sunny embrace.

Combining figure and landscape in a way that grants nearly equal prominence to each allows me to explore different compositions and textures. I found myself applying pastel very generously similarly as I would with oil paint. The thickness on the foreground against the thinner layers in the distance helped me create a sense of depth.