Ganesha by Roland Mikhail

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Roland Mikhail



109.22 x 91.44 cm | 43 x 36 in

Airbrushed acrylic on wood panel

  • Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. Award

This work is available for purchase, for inquiries please write to

This painting is inspired by the Hindu elephant headed god Ganesha. He is the remover and placer of obstacles. The lord of new beginnings.

His skin is encrusted with images inspired by stone sculpture from throughout South East Asia; from Indonesia to Cambodia and India.

This work was started in 2015 and ended with a several year investigation and experiment with different products to seal and finish the work. The final result matched and brought out the meticulousness with which I handled the surface. 

I sprayed and sanded different products off of this painting over the course of hundreds of hours.

The final result is incredibly unique. It could not be captured in the photos because of its reflective quality.