Britt's Winter by Samuel Walter

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Samuel Walter

Britt's Winter


50.8 x 76.2 cm | 20 x 30 in

Oil on canvas

  • ARC Staff Awards

I met Britt last year through a mutual friend. At the time Britt was looking for a tenant and I was looking for housing. As it turned out I did not end up living in the apartment he was renting out, but we immediately struck up a friendship. When I created this painting Britt was going through a lot of stress: his arthritis was hampering his ability to play the organ and harpsichord his greatest passion in life. As I began painting his likeness, I realized that I was capturing a sense of world weariness, and melancholy. In the painting I tried to communicate feelings associated both with seasonal winter and the winter of someone’s life. In the painting the bleak outdoors with its pale blues and grays matches the pale blues in Britt’s suit and his melancholy gaze.