Emergence, A Story of Spring by Nanci France-Vaz

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Nanci France-Vaz

Emergence, A Story of Spring


60.96 x 35.56 cm | 24 x 14 in

Oil on linen mounted to ACM panel

  • ARC Purchase Awards ($5,000)

This work is in the Collection of the Art Renewal Center.

Each year there is a cyclical rebirth in spring of new life. It is abstract and unknown whether life will bloom. It can emerge slowly and appear abstract, just like human life. The flying abstract translucent flowers represent the birth or bloom of a new life. It is in the background. The flying blooms start to emerge toward Flora, the goddess of spring, the middle ground, and become life into the foreground into her hair symbolizing the waterfall of life. I chose hair as it has stages of life from anlagen to telogen to end cycle. Her shirt was white, but I chose to bring a pattern of the flowers into her skin and top moving down and back into her compositionally. The chosen colors of aqua, violet, yellow and pink are soft, symbolic of life in the beginning as it becomes male, female, or unknown?

Flora gazes softly and confidently to the viewers assuring us the life cycle will always be.