Parsoua Mahtash

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Parsoua Mahtash

United States

Parsoua Mahtash was born in 1980. He spent his childhood in different cities and started learning fine arts under the supervision of renowned artists. At the young age of 18, he started his professional career in painting and drawing. After taking part in several group exhibitions as well as publishing some of his works, he decided to withdraw from exhibiting and engaged in studying techniques of the masters of art history, particularly artists of the nineteenth century.

After 15 years of studying advanced techniques and gaining experience in various fields, he started a new chapter in his career with his first painting collection titled “Re-Location A trilogy” which was exhibited in Aaran Gallery in July 2021. Mahtash has now built an impressive body of work around his painting series which explore different aspects of reality in realistic abstracted symbolism. Parsoua Mahtash has also shared his vast knowledge in art creation in established institutions for the last 17 years and has taught the principle knowledge of painting and drawing to many young artists.

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