Morgan Samuel Price

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Morgan Samuel Price

United States

Morgan Samuel Price began her career as an illustrator and graphic artist. Morgan's fine art entre was at her first studio called the Brushworks. It opened in a small rural town in southern Olkahoma in 1972. As the years rolled by many artists studied with her. Morgan entered many invitational only National Exhibitions as her ability flourished and she gained recognition on a national level. Morgan continued to educate and share her ability with other artists over her lifetime as an artist. 

Aside from the recognition of awards from the National Art Societies, Morgan has been published over 35 times in national magazines. She has had seven museum solo exhibitions and too many to count solo and group exhibtions through the years. Morgan is not slowing down. Morgan has added online classes and continues to share her information to assist other artists with their pursuit of painting. Traveling and painting to almost all the states and many countries has added to the enjoyment of her career as a plein air artist. Morgan credits three artists with her success: Patricia Kirkeberg, Loren Wilford and Robert Carl Cogar. Without their generosity in the early years Morgan wonders how long it would have taken to realize her goals. Morgan will be the first one to tell you she is still gaining in knowledge and passionate about her work. Morgan has always found the tropical scenes the most challenging to paint.  Her desire is to capture the jungle areas of the tropical region with it's romance. It's a challenge and thrill to paint. 

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