Li Volk

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Li Volk

United States

A native of Wuhan, China, Li moved to the southern city of Shenzhen in 1990, and moved to the United States in 2001. Her professional career in marketing and branding started in 1992 as a co-founder at the first design and marketing firm in Shenzhen, China. She was one of the first generation of CIS (Corporate Identity Systems) promoters in China, and also the first Certified Experience Economy Expert in China. (Certification by Pine & Gilmore.)

Li always knew that there was an artistic side of her that was waiting to be developed. She didn’t take the art path until later in life, and began as a full-time apprentice at Southern Atelier (now Miano Academy of Art) in the summer of 2016. Li is developing a strong sensibility and ability to capture a sitter's emotion and beauty in her portriat works. 

However, Li is aware that her academic skills are still maturing, and that skills alone will not make her an artist - but they remain as necessary tools to become one. The searching of her own language in art, and more importantly, the meaning and reasons of doing art now occupy her attention.

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