Ali Saad

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Ali Saad


Born in 1989, in a small valley of Baluchistan, called Quetta, my name is Ali Saad. Since my childhood, I’ve been brought up in an environment where I had easy access to books of literature and art. My father, an Associate Professor of English Literature and Language passed on the best literature to us three brothers, every evening, over a cup of tea which became almost a ritual was the moment of our interest. The tete-a-tete went round only literature and painting. I used to replicate illustrations from story books. With constant drawing practice in which I grew better and better, thus participating in art competitions until high school.

Just by odd luck, after my intermediate, I went to a Business University and studied Economics while still keeping a keen interest in Art. Again by a strange quirk of luck the selection team, from the renowned National College of Arts Lahore, came to our city for the selection of the suitable candidates for college. Happy to tell you that I beat all candidates who appeared in the Art test by gaining brilliant position overall. Later I graduated from the college in the 1st division with an “Honour” . My thesis work was keenly observed and praised. The accolade that I won throughout the following years through the art exhibitions done along with my elder brother in tandem. I also exhibited in group shows nationally and internationally.

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