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Viktorya Nare Karapetyan


Viktorya Nare Karapetyan is a figurative artist originally from Armenia (Erevan) currently living and working in Barcelona, she considers herself multicultural since she has lived in Russia (Krasnodar), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Spain (Madrid, Barcelona). Events that in some way has also shaped her personality and therefore her work.
She endeavors to capture in her realistic works the condition of being human, deepening moods and concepts between the dilemma of uncertainty and search of meaning in the presence of the unknown, or the inevitable fear of finitude.
Viktorya wonders over these matters constantly, and as an artist she feels compelled to guide the viewer over those intimate reflections. However she does not reveal a truth, because she believes the truth is improbable. She simply tries to converse with the viewer about these matters, generating a mirror effect between her art and the observer; a symbolic way of connection.
She believes that works of art are endowed with a certain aura or energy, which surrounds each artist and is embedded on their work. That energy is what the viewer can identify with at a certain moment in her life, thus generating a deep empathy. In addition to being an artist, she has been a Fashion Designer since 2006, knowledge that she applies to the production of her works.
Her obsession with the intangible and perfection together with her elegant feminine sensibility yield in artworks with depth and delicacy.

“Narés art has the power to bring your own shadow side to the surface, and at the same instant, moment it transmutes it into light. A light we all carry and through her art she brings it through you. It’s the details, the silences, the treasures and many stories at the same time. Just like that. Her artwork offers you the opportunity to relive a past that you never had but that somehow you recognize. Her art invokes in you a peculiar feeling of familiarity in the midst of a strange life... and quite frankly, all is fine.”

By Efrat Cybylkiewitcz. Artist and Editor in chief in “Artmoire”

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