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Michael Carson

United States

Michael P. A. Carson is a Contemporary Representational oil painter engaged in the production of a body of works ranging from imaginative realism to outright surrealism. Informed by an enduring interest in philosophy, science, and social behavior, each of Michael’s works attempts to capture a contemplative moment of inner reflection focusing on themes of ideology, ontology, and various perversions of both. He is committed to exploring mankind’s relationship with its ideas, beliefs, technologies, and itself in confrontation with the post-industrial human condition.

Born in New Jersey and raised in the northeastern United States, Michael first studied electrical engineering, but then changed course to pursue a passion for art. He received a BFA in studio arts in 2013 with high honors, spent a few years as a life-drawing instructor, then left academia to become the creative director for the largest promotional products company in Pennsylvania. He has since returned to a full-time pursuit of fine art, studying as an apprentice at the ÁNI Art Academies Waichulis in Pennsylvania where he currently resides.

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