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Vincent Figliola

United States

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VINCENT N. FIGLIOLA, award-winning Creative Director, moved from Manhattan to New Mexico to express his purely creative leanings in a new landscape. Although winning the highest awards in advertising nationally and internationally for over 25 years in NYC, (directing campaigns for Chanel, Revlon,Smirnoff,Club Med, Guerlain fragrances) - Vincent found it impossible to continue because his love of money was less than his love of expression. In his own words, he came to New Mexico."to see if he could become a serious painter, to paint the human epic in classical terms." Preferred mediums include oil, mixed media, original graphite drawings, and limited edition stone lithography. Art critics refer to Vincent as“the artist who paints the Renaissance, and makes it now.”

In the 1980’s prior to an interview with the BBC, Leo Castelli, the international art critic and founder of movements in modern art, predicted that Vincent would be one of the important realistic painters of this century.
Now 84, it appears that he has.

While in the Fine Arts program at Temple University, Vincent was awarded the Salvador Dali Drawing Competition and offered an apprenticeship in Spain. Born in Harrison, NY, Vincent currently resides in a desert/mountain landscape in Las Cruces, NM. His work is included in selected corporate and private collections, nationally and internationally.
Vincent’s background includes special services in Korea, Temple University Fine Arts,BFA, NYU Film School, Columbia University,BA American History, Animation and Illustration 
Figliola & Partners Advertising,NYC ANDY,CLIO,CANNES Film Festival Chanel No5
 DreamBath, patent for delivery system and design

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