Ruth Fitton

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Ruth Fitton

United Kingdom

Ruth Fitton is a portrait and figurative painter based in Yorkshire, UK, who has been painting professionally since 2012. Her paintings range from opulent life-sized pieces, to delicate miniatures. Painting from life is the core of her practice. It is balanced by a keen curiosity regarding texture, layers, and edges. She constantly seeks the most imaginative ways to make paint replicate the feel and character of what she sees. Quick, immersive live studies are generally followed by intense periods of studio work.

Ruth’s paintings have garnered attention and praise across the globe. Recent awards include a Purchase Award from the Art Renewal Center (2021) and 1st Place Young Artist award with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (2020). Recent exhibitions include the group show ‘Five and Under’ at Arcadia Contemporary, NYC (2021); the ARC International Salon live exhibition at Sotheby’s, NYC and the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), Barcelona (2021), and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London (2021). Ruth is represented by Fine Art Commissions in St James's, London.

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