Margo Selski

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Margo Selski

United States

Twin City-based figurative surrealist painter Margo Selski's large-scale oil painting lead her viewers on a little trip down the rabbit hole into an imaginary world that is nuanced, sly, quirky, dark, uncanny and fabular.   Rooted in the world of fairy tales, she uses a theatrical troupe: queens, young girls, flora and fauna, predator and prey.  They become the raw materials used to invent and examine the tension between opposites-contemporary and classical, old and new, safe and unsafe and discretion and confession.   

 Margo collides old world regal design with 21st century concerns with the intention to examine her life through a mirror at a distance.  Through excessive accumulation, revisioning and camouflage she freezes the movement of life in a permeable disguise of theatrical fantasy.  

Her provocative oil and beeswax paintings have been featured in several solo exhibitions including Plains Art Museum, Hollywood Glass Garage Fine Art Gallery, Richard J Demato Fine Art NY Gallery, the Minneapolis Art Institute International, the University of Minnesota, Illinois Central College, Saint Cloud State University, Augsburg College, Rochester Museum of Arts Center, the Arkell Museum and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Her work has been recognized for its excellence, producing numerous awards and honors and has been collected by various museums including the Plains Art Museum, Tweed Museum, Frederick Weisman Museum, the Contemporary Museum of Art in Colorado, The Clymer Museum of Art, and the North Dakota Museum of Art.  Currently, she is preparing to exhibit at the Springfield Museum, Ohio of Art, University of Mary Washington, and the Wooster Art Museum, OH

She has been featured in a variety of publications including;  See Yourself X, Human Futures Expanded by Madeline Schwartzman, Alice Inspiration, by Carolina Amell, Fine Art Connoisseur, The New York Times, American Art Collector, The Advocate, ARTNews, Juxtapoz, Arts and Antiques, The Observer, and The Huffington Post. 


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