Britt Bradford

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Britt Bradford

United States

Trained as both a contemporary artist and classical painter, my desire is to expand the field of realism, both advancing my craft and technique while exploring timeless ideas and concepts. 

My pieces weave together my quest for truth and the practice of creating traditional paintings through light, form and composition. Each piece in a way is a capsule from a time in my life of deep introspection and outward observation. 

I use energy work modalities in my creative process and call upon something beyond myself from which each painting takes form. My rigorous academic training and fascination with the occult are the lens through which I create. 

Born in New Mexico, raised in Arizona, and a Colorado girl through-and-through, the Southwest is home. I have always been an artist and healer, always seeking and learning. I am humbled everyday in my studies and continue to push my craft and concepts as I grow as an individual, community member, and artist. 

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