Emily Gormican

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Emily Gormican

United States

Emily Gormican is an oil painter based in Milwaukee, WI. She earned her BFA in Drawing & Painting and a BA in Spanish Language & Culture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2004. She spent a year in Madrid, Spain, pursuing more traditional and technical painting methods, embarking on an independent study of master works by Melendez and Velazquez at the Prado.

Classical realism and representation in painting has endured for Emily. Early on, her love of the Golden Age of Dutch and Spanish still life followed by 19th century figurative painting influenced not only what she chose to view and study, but also what and how she herself wanted to paint.

Mere fluency in a language -say nothing of mastery- takes time, of course. One has to learn the vocabulary and practice immersion in order to really be able to communicate an original thought.

To that end, Emily has been happily pursuing more rigorous training in the foundational elements of light, color theory, and form along with classical painting methods. This atelier model of instruction has been a long-awaited and fitting addition to her continued learning and artistic goals.

She has been studying in online courses and programs at the Academy of Realist Art in Boston, the Grand Central Atelier and the New York Academy of Art. These studies have included Bargue and cast drawing, painting of master copies and extensive study of color and form while working from life.


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