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Christine Porter Lofaro


Christine Porter Lofaro is a Maltese artist, living and working in Malta. She commenced her artistic formation at a young age. She attended Art classes at the Malta Government School of Art and also at the Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce in Valletta. She continued to develop different styles and techniques under the private tuition of Mr. Harry Alden, who was one of Bridget Riley’s students.

Along with 18 years of teaching experience, Christine holds an honours degree in Art and a Master’s degree in Creativity and Innovation from the University of Malta. In 2016, she obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield (UK) with research on studio spaces and creativity. Christine is a full-time artist and a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta.

Christine's realistic oil paintings are like snapshots taken from an imaginative world that is narrated through props, things, and figures. Realism complements her voice and instils in her a sense of creative curiosity. More so, contemporary realism attracts the artist because it takes traditional ways of painting and applies them to current times through a fresh lens.

"I really hope that my work touches people in one way or another. Paintings, as visual cues, are particularly powerful to connect people as many times they touch upon different parts of the experience and journey of being human. I just hope that my work assists such beautiful experience of interaction and connection" – Christine

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