Adrienne Stein

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Adrienne Stein

United States

Adrienne Stein is an award winning American artist living and working in Pennsylvania and Colorado. She holds an MFA from Boston University and a BFA Magna Cum Laude, from Laguna College of Art & Design. Adrienne studied under many gifted and influential instructors throughout the United States, France, and Italy.

Her paintings celebrate the natural world through bold, vibrant color. The lush magical environments and figures she depicts form the nexus between reality and fantasy, expressed through a world of symbolic imagery. Direct observation of nature coalesces with memory, imagination, art history, folklore, archetypes, and natural elements that are fueled by a sense of personal as well as universal myth. Adrienne is inspired by her travel experiences as well as the beauty of her garden surrounding the Pennsylvania home she shares with her husband, the artist Quang Ho and their son, Liam.

She has received numerous awards from organizations such as The Portrait Society of America, The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, The California Art Club, and The Art Renewal Center. Her work is collected in the U.S. and abroad.

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