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Alex Tabet

United States

I have loved to draw ever since I could remember. I oftentimes lost myself in a drawing for hours as a child. The world around me disappeared as I became immersed into what I created on paper. Devouring art books and lessons online, I developed my talent in a self-taught manner, and naturally found my way into portraits and figures at an early age. The challenge of capturing a person’s likeness and essence was a pure joy.

However, life soon got in the way. I left home to obtain a biology degree at the University of Texas at Austin, and I didn’t pick up a pencil to draw again for 10 years. Creating art became an abandoned hobby from my childhood and teenage years. After graduation, I left to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. In that time, I learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined, as acting is a craft about self expression and exploration.

A decade later, at the end of 2018, I discovered some incredible representational artists on Instagram. Their work reminded me of the time I drew as a child, and left me thinking about what kind of work I could be creating had I not stopped. I decided to post an old work from my teenage years, and within an hour I had my very first commission. Moments after picking up the pencil, I rediscovered my love for drawing. 

I couldn’t stop after the commission was finished. I continued drawing on the side and began receiving new commissions. My acting rehearsals became consumed more with conversation about drawing rather than acting. It was then I recognized my passion truly lied in visual art.  I soon wanted to learn how to express myself further with paint and color. In early 2019, I began studying figure painting from life in oil with Julia Diller at the Atelier of Fine Art in Los Angeles.

She recognized my talent and work ethic, and took me under her wing. I studied with her for 9 months and wouldn't be the painter I am without her early guidance and encouragement. I continued my training in a self taught manner, learning much from online tutorials and workshops from the some of the world's best artists such as Andrew Tischler, East Oaks Studio - Alex Venezia, Michael Klein, Louis Carr, as well as Stan Prokopenko, Marco Bucci (color theory), and Scott Wadell. 

The majority of my free time is spent behind the easel, oftentimes losing sleep because I find it hard to pull myself away from the canvas. In only my second year of painting, I started gaining recognition from reputable art institutions and magazines. At the start of 2022, my third year of painting, I began selling professionally with the Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Gallery in Laguna Beach. I have found my purpose. With a brush in hand, I look forward to what the future may bring. 

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