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Amy Jiang


Amy Jiang lives in a small city in China. She loved painting since childhood, but she became a doctor for family reasons.However, she still did not give up her self-study and creation of painting.She learned a variety of painting media through online courses and Art Tutorials, including color pencil, pastel, oil painting, etc., and tried the possibility of multiple media. Each painting material has its own advantages, which makes the creative process fresh and interesting, full of exploration spirit.

 Because she usually needs work, she usually draws on weekends. Sometimes a painting often takes several weekends to complete. She laughs and calls herself a "Sunday painter". Of course, this did not affect her love of painting at all, but made her cherish every creative process even more. Her work "Red Wine" won an honorary nomination in the Women's Artist Exhibition held in Fusion Art, USA in 2020. Not long ago, Amy became a member of the Portrait Society of America.

Amy loves nature. People, animals, plants, flowers and even still life are magical creations and gifts of nature.These are her sources of inspiration.She hopes to present the beauty of all things with her paintings., and arouse people's attention and protection of nature and wildlife.

In Amy's country, there are 56 ethnic minorities. She is deeply attracted by their costumes, decorations and their bright and pure personality. She hopes to create works that can reflect the beauty of ethnic minorities.

* This statement has been provided directly by the artist in association to their 16th International ARC Salon entries. This content has not been edited for typos or grammatical errors and has not been vetted for accuracy.