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Anne Shingleton



From a farming background in rural Dorset, England, I completed Hons. B.Sc. in Zoology at university, but afterwards continued with my art studies first at Bournemouth College of Art, and then further afield in Florence, Italy.

For two years I was fortunate to be one of the Maestra Signorina Nerina Simi’s last few pupils in her Florentine studio of classical art. This gave me at last the representational art tools that I had been searching for to be able to express my true feelings through my figurative drawing, painting and printmaking. Pietrasanta where I now live, offers me the additional possibility for sculpture, working in terracotta, bronze or marble.

In forty-five years of being a professional artist, I’ve had many one-woman exhibitions and shown in collective exhibitions in Europe, UK, and the USA. I’ve contributed illustrations to nature and conservation publications, given workshops, completed portrait commissions (oil paintings and bronze sculptures) and have created many animal bronzes including two monumental sculptures. I have been three times a finalist in the ARC Salon with two sculptures and a painting,

Nature and light are my passions and my home and studio are near the sea and the mountains which, throughout the seasons, are bathed in many different kinds of light. Fortunately the Italian climate is conducive to working outdoors throughout the year.

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