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Annette Hammer

United States

I started painting at 21 years of age because of a desire to have a painting for my first home. Starting a group class at Mittel's Art quickly became an obsession to create as accurately as my developing abilities allowed. After several years of painting class, in between eventually having 6 children, I realized I needed to start with the basics of design and painting, to become original and bring life to my paintings. I started classes at Santa Monica College and perservered for many years to gain the skills that satisfied my need to be original and accurate, attending also Ventura College and University of Southern California as well as specialized classes from art professionals. 

I began showing my work at Fine Art Shows. Elements that are of particular interest are the landscape in all its diversity, incorporated oaks, mountains and valleys, deserts, vineyards and animals, particularly cattle and horses that have played such a large part of the development of the west, and water, from small streams to vast oceans, scenes that transcent time.

I have been a guest artist in the Autry Masters of the American West in 2013.  Awards inclued Best of Show at La Quinta Arts Festival, Big Four Bridges, San Dimas National Western Art Ehibition, La Jolla Festival of Arts, Santa Monica Sprts & Art Festival, and many other 1st place and patrons choice awards.  I was the first artist to be chosen by the Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard, CA to be featured in their ongoing "Masters in Our Midst" series.

My work is appreciated by many diverse clients who have commissioned me to paint seascapes, California landscaptes, Caribbean water scenes, Zion National Park in springtime and even an underwater tide pool mural for the Wrigley Marine Institute on Catalina Island.

I have been painting for over 50 years and love what I do. Along the way I have taught art at Santa Monica College, worked as an artist for Nickelodeon Animation Studio, and had my own commercial art business. My objective is to capture the essence of the moment, the beauty of the surrounding world, that may be fleeting and not otherwise noticed, scenes that change from day to day as we interact with our environment. My curiousity in discovering new inspiration for paintings continues to evolve, offering new opportunities for achievement.

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