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Arantza Sestayo


Arantza Sestayo was born in San Sebastián, Basque Country (Spain), in 1964. She acquired her artistic knowledge in a self-taught way and began to develop her professional career through the portraiture, the ceramic design and the cartoon backgrounds production.

Her work can be seen in "Rooie Oortjes" in Belgium, "LeewiART" in China, "Game of Thrones 20th Anniversary Edition" or "Game of Thrones Calendar 2022" by Random House, or publications like "Spectrum: Fantastic Art" by Flesk Publications, "Infected by Art", and "S.Q.P".

In 2010, her book "Wicked Kisses" was released in several countries and she participated in "Vampires" and “Reinas de la Ilustración Española del Siglo XXI“ by Norma Comics.

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