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Bryan Mark Taylor

United States

A painter, lecturer, entrepreneur, and world traveler Bryan Mark Taylor is a  renaissance man. As a painter, Bryan has won top awards in national and international shows, including 2nd place in the 2018 ARC Salon and exhibits in museums worldwide. In addition, he makes regular contributions to art and design magazines, including Plein Air and Imagine FX. 

Bryan has had many successful one-person shows and won a gold medal at the California Art Club’s annual show. Galleries in New York, California, and Utah currently represent Bryan. In addition, you can find his artwork in private, corporate, and museum collections worldwide, including in the US, Europe, and China.

Bryan is a sought-after teacher and lecturer and has taught courses worldwide, including at the Academy of Art University, Pixar, and the Scottsdale Artists School. In addition, Bryan has been a featured speaker at the Plein Air, CTNX, Fantastic Arts, Dragonsteel, and VisionX conferences.

As a product designer, Bryan has developed a premier outdoor painting system called the STRADA Easel, used by Plein Air artists worldwide.

Bryan has traveled around the globe, carefully observing and capturing nature’s miracles. 

Born in Portland, Oregon, Bryan received his BA from Brigham Young University in 2001 and MFA from the Academy of Art University in 2005. He currently lives with his wife and four children in Utah, USA.

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