Calla Donofrio

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Calla Donofrio

United States

Calla Donofrio is an American artist born and based in Los Angeles.

She took classes in drawing from a very early age and received a BFA in Fine Art from California Institute Of The Arts in 2013. Formerly a mixed media artist, she created album artwork for musicians worldwide and showed her work in galleries all over the US and across the globe, the most noteworthy being a group show at The Tate Modern in 2012.

After a period of working in the entertainment industry, she first tried oil paints in early 2019 and was immediately hooked. Completely self taught, she has painted almost every day ever since with a determination to dedicate her life to the knowledge and practice of this craft.

Sometimes described as “a place between light and dark”, her work explores the search for spiritual truth in a secular culture, the balance of chaos and serenity, solemn grace, and finding beauty in dark and lonely places.

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