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Carina Francioso


Carina Francioso is an internationally recognized, award winning Canadian fine artist with works held in private and corporate collections around the globe.  Her meticulous attention to detail is clearly demonstrated through her contemporary realist oil paintings.  

Inspired by the calm or turbulent, incessantly changing waters of the world, Carina’s current work expresses the beauty, power and fragility of these precious waters.  Through the creamy, rich textures of oil paint she endeavours to acknowledge that this natural resource must be cherished and preserved.  Inspired by Carina's life and travels, her paintings capture moments frozen in time yet inspire the movement of imagination, offering the viewer their own interpretation. 

The connection between the soul, as feminine and water has since become of interest to the artist and this theme is slowly taking shape in her new paintings.  Carina’s work continues to evolve and her intimate journey with every brush stroke and detail remains constant.  Her work is a direct reflection of her passion for life and her constant inquiry into beauty and fluidity.

Carina is the recipient of the 2019 Arcadia Contemporary Gallery Award, the Bernice Adams Memorial Visual Arts Award and Bursary, among several others.  Recently, her work was internationally broadcasted on RAI Television and has been featured in various magazines such as Art Renewal Center’s International Realism Salon Catalog, American Art Collector, GRAND Magazine, Hyperrealism Magazine, Magzoid Magazine and Panoram Italia.

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