Carol E Maltby

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Carol E Maltby

United States

      I"ve been drawing all of my life.  i wasn't fortunate to go to an art school but I attained  as  

many art books to help me in various areas. 

       I started by drawing with graphite and charcoal,  Wanting some color i started painting

in oil, I tred watercolot. but  i never liked the results.  I married durning this time and had

four children.  I couldn't paint no more, so I did pen and ink on scratchbord.  The patrons

said that the renderings needed color. Being I used scratchboarc, I couldn't obtain the look I

wanted.  So I started with colored pencil.   This was something that was satisfing for

everyone.  I think doing it is the best teacher. I've done many art shows, so I've gotten alot of

input. i use to have every thing I did framed. Now  i've been doing on line shows which I don't

have to have framed until accepted.  Big savings!   

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