Carrie Nygren

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Carrie Nygren

United States

Born in Nashville, TN and now residing in Wisconsin, Carrie Nygren is an award winning and nationally collected painter whose focus is equine and sporting art. Having received her MFA from Ohio University, she is currently a member of the American Academy of Equine Art (AAEA), the Society of Animal Artists (SAA), Oil Painters of America (OPA), The Portrait Society of America, and the American Women Artists (AWA). Several of her works have appeared in national magazines such as Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector, and Southwest Art. In addition, she has been active in national and international competitions, including the ARC Salon International competition where she placed 2nd in the Animal category in the 11th ARC Salon competition, and has been both a finalist and honorable mention honoree in the 12th ,13th and 15th ARC International competitions.

Following the advice of her father, to “paint what you know”, Nygren has developed a love of traditional painting methods in a contemporary format where light and negative space are as important as the equine subjects she paints. Every painting is a story, whether it be a portrait or a captured moment in time, and that story deserves to be told in its simplest terms where subtle nuances of light and detail capture the noble character of her equine subjects. Nygren continues to develop her knowledge of technique, composition and anatomy through studying the masters, as well as evolving her pursuit of the next equine story. “I want to create timeless and enduring paintings that hold up both technically and compositionally—paintings that leave you with that ‘there’s just something about that painting’ feeling that brings you back again and again.”

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