Cecile Baird

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Cecile Baird

United States

Light is the main source of inspiration for my art. Through the still life genre I love to explore how light can transform simple objects into works of art. I often employ back lighting to enhance the transparent qualities of objects such as grapes, oranges or flowers that most people never notice. Using a realistic style, strong composition and dramatic values I turn simple still life arrangements into dynamic art pieces. I want the viewer of my work to share my sense of wonder and joy in the ordinary objects of everyday life.

I started working in oils but discovered Colored Pencils about 15 years ago. I found that I could get the look of oils with colored pencils which fit perfectly with my love of drawing. I, along with other contemporary colored pencil artists, am taking colored pencil to new heights. It is no longer merely a sketching tool but a legitimate fine art tool as my work shows. I am proud to be one of the leaders in the forefront of this movement.

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